How new technology of Blockchain can stem illegal traffic of works of art?

Blockchain Technology

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Manhattan Art Auctions

This is an old art market rule: provenance of a work of art determines a large part of its value. While a prestigious past can increase the price, or even gets more valuation than the work of art itself, an insufficient amount of details about provenance cause issues. Artists foundations, experts and certificates of authentication help art market institutions to compensate for the lack of transparency intrinsic to this market. Unfortunately, all of these controls are not enough to stop forgeries or stolen works of art during wars to be auctioned off. This is the reason why Blockchain technology could be a revolution in the art market by guaranteeing the provenance of any work of art.

The dark side of the art market

This is the price of success: the rapid growth of art market during 20th century resulted in an increasingly important market of forgeries due to demand outstripping supply. For bypassing the distrust of auction houses and art experts, some forgers exercise high imagination about provenance of their false masters canvas. One of the most famous, the couple Wolfgang and Helene Beltracchi, created new canvas from lost masterpieces of Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk and many others. The illusion was total. Arrested in 2010 after more than 30 years of career, he declared “Sometimes, in a Christie’s catalog, there were three paintings by famous artists I painted”. One year after, in 2011, another scandal followed. The former director of Knoelder Gallery in New York, Ann Freedman, got arrested due to its forger activity. For more than 15 years, she was taking advantage of the great reputation of the gallery (the oldest in USA) to justify the mysterious provenance of great signatures. She sold more than 40 fake canvas of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning or Barnett Newman, among others, and eared around $70M. Today, because of the lack of transparency concerning provenance, many canvas created by forgers are still auctioned off on the art market as original masterpieces.

Forgery to justify forgeries – This picture shows Elena Beltracchi (Wolfgang’s wife) dressed as her grandmother surrounded by fake paintings to justify their provenance.

The ease of investment in the art market resulted of another burden: money laundering. Lately, very high rise of prices in art market could be partly due to dirty money transactions. USA and European Union are preventing these illegal practices by imposing a maximum for cash payment. In France, customers can pay 3000 euros in cash at the maximum, and 15000 euros concerning citizens out of the U.E. However, in Asia, and mostly in China where art market is one of the least regulated, there is no limit for cash payment in auctions. Therefore, some experts are denouncing that 30% to 50% of auctioned art is related to laundering. Once bought with dirty money, works of art are transported abroad through free port area as Hong-Kong. A new identity about provenance and owner is established, and work of art is auctioned off again. This is one of the many techniques caused through the opacity of the art market.

lately, the looting of antique city of Palmyra by Islamic State in Syria has raised awareness of international community about the scale of illegal trafficking of stolen works of art. Indeed, this illegal market is the third most lucrative after drugs and weapons. Criminal organizations earn billions of dollars annually with antique art looted.

Blockchain : Revolution in progress

All these issues have a common denominator: opacity of the art market. The use of blockchain could become the ultimate weapon for art experts and auction houses by making provenance of each work of art more transparent and therefore, prevent illegal market to integrate art market.

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency. In simple words, it’s a new technology for storing and transmitting data. However, blockchain innovates in three points. Firstly, it is transparent: all exchanges intervened on blockchain are public and everyone can consult them. Secondly, these exchanges are ultra-secure thanks to an encrypted blocks system. At last, it is decentralized: a new transaction on blockchain appears through a vast network of computers, and not only on a centralized ledger.

First used by the financial sector with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin born in 2009, Blockchain technology is being compatible with many other trades. In the art world, this revolutionary technology could overcome transparency, copyright and ownership issues, and therefore restore confidence and proper functioning of this market. In addition to the above-mentioned issues, art market is growing on internet and many pieces of art are sold on Ebay without any guarantee for the buyer. For example, a research on Ebay about “Sunflower Seeds” leads to many lots mentioned as “Ai Weiwei porcelain Sunflower Seeds London Tate Modern” with prices ranging from 6$ to 500$. However, it is almost impossible to know with real guarantees which lot comes from the London exhibition and which ones are fake. This opacity impedes art market growing by dissuading a large part of customers to invest.

Tate Modern London – Weiwei and its artwork Sunflower Seeds.

These issues would be settled if all of art transactions were recorded into blockchain. Nowadays, many start-ups are proposing a blockchain service as Ascribe, Seezart, Blockai, Verisart. Then, as usual, new technologies result in innovations. Artprice is launching its own blockchain and builds also a OTC market (OutTheCounter) dedicated to the million artists not auctioned off. Maecenas offers “The first open blockchain platform that democratizes access to Fine Art“. This new investing platform enables art owners to trade 49% of their works of art. Purchase a Picasso is no longer beyond the reach of most people. Everyone should be able to buy a part (large or small) of a master’s painting and achieve profitability. By offering the possibility to outsiders people to participate to art investment, this innovating start-up enables market to widen his customers scale and therefore, increase even more the growth of art.

Blockchain technology is bringing a unique balance between the need of safety and innovation. In addition to overcome the oldest art market issue: lack of transparency; this new technology enables to develop new selling mediums complementary to auctions market.

Jimmy Arens-Reuther

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French Art Market Forecast

French Art Market News

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Manhattan Art Auctions

According to the French institution for auctioneering, The Voluntary Sales Council, which publishes annually a report on activity of French auctions, France ranks 4th place in the world art market. Far away behind USA, China and U.K, France has recorded a steady increase in its fine art sales since 2010. With the new European political field and the emergence in France of infrastructures dedicated to contemporary art, Paris could enhance its influence on the world art market.

A growing market

French art market has been making its way. Increasingly independent from fluctuations of global art market, France became a stable value in constant progression. Recently, world art market suffered two decreases in 2012 and 2016. Despites these slowdowns, France market maintains its course. During the year 2016, world art market presented an important decrease of 11%. On the same time, France market progressed of 5% activities with a total amount of $1.93Bn (1.7Bn€). More generally, for the last 10 years, this market grows on 3.1% average per year. International auction houses located in France take advantage of that positive wave. Christie’s and Sotheby’s has recorded negative results on 2016 in each of the major marketplaces of art as New York, Hong-Kong and London, except on Paris where they both increased their results (8% for Christie’s; 5% for Sotheby’s). The French auction house Artcurial that opened in 2002 is the only one – with the Viennese auction house Dorotheum – to obtain positive results on the whole Europe. The first half of 2017 confirms the solidity of the market with an increase in sales, and especially in contemporary art. From January to June 2017, the top 5 auction houses realized in this department $107M (95M€), excluding fees, which represents 69.8% of the total amount of 2016. The sale organized by Christie’s Paris “Les Giacometti d’Hubert de Givenchy” on 6th March 2017 has reached a new high score of $31.4M, excluding fees, (27,7M€).

French auction house Artcurial at Paris – Located on the famous Champs-Elysées roundabout.

Paris, an increasingly connected art network

For several years, French art market benefits from new art museums as well as the most important auction houses. A series of private museums mostly dedicated to contemporary art is born in Paris. The Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain was built in 1984. Then, the Fondation Louis Vuitton, designed by the architect Franck Gehry, opened in 2014. In 2018, the Fondation Pinault will open at the Bourse de Commerce de Paris as a contemporary art museum. Their common particularity is to be owned by important French companies as Cartier SA, LVMH and Artémis (founded by the billionaire and art collector François Pinault). These private foundations, specializing in temporary viewings, will bring a new artistic influence within Paris and revitalize its art market. With their financial power, they could be serious competitors for public museums. For example, the viewing that exhibited last year the private modern art collection of the Russian Chtchoukine “Icônes de l’art moderne” hosted by the Fondation Louis Vuitton from October 2016 until March 2017 received 1.2M of visitors, which represents the highest frequentation for a Parisian viewing since 1967 with “Toutankhamon et son temps” at the Petit Palais.

Fondation Louis Vuitton – Owned by the billionaire and art collector Bernard Arnault.

Anther connection should be done. These very large financial groups are part of the shareholders of auction houses. LVMH, that supports the Fondation Louis Vuitton, is one of the shareholders of the Livestream auction house Auctionata since 2015. The future owner of the Fondation Pinault, Artémis group, bought Christie’s in 1998. The most influential French auction house Artcurial, that obtained better results than Christie’s France in 2015, is financed by Dassault group. A vast network of art is growing in Paris. All these infrastructures, leaded by very important groups, will allow Paris to expand its art market.

A new European political field

Political changes in European Union could possibly bring major modifications into the art market. In 2016, U.K ranked 3rd place in the world art market with a result of 3.5Bn$ (3.1Bn€). A part of these very positive results is due to the dual skill of London. Indeed, this city has at the same time the most international market of Europe and an access to the free market of the European Union. However, Brexit could change this privileged situation by breaking access to the European free market. Among the bad consequences of Brexit in the British art market, we can note: import and export taxes for works of art; British museums work in partnerships and loan system of works of art with European museum and foreign art collectors, these transfers of works of art will be endangered; lately, exchanges of artistic influences between universities will diminish with the end of the Erasmus program. For sure, these are just assumptions. Nevertheless, a part of the British art market could emigrate in two years to a city integrated into a large market. As we mentioned before, Paris seems ready to host a larger art market. In addition, election of the new French president Emmanuel Macron ensures France to remain within the European Union. According to the French auctioneer Agnès Savart who works at the auction house Artcurial Lyon in France “Brexit has become a selling argument with potential sellers who may hesitate to sell in France or England. It is for the moment a situation in our favor”.

To conclude, French art market is able to welcome new players and extend its influence to the global market. However, an access to free market will not enough to seduce foreign buyers and sellers to come to France. Government must ease its tax laws as the ones in London. A last point, almost all of the artists present on contemporary art sales are born between both world wars. Today, their names are reputed as great signatures. Auction houses located in France should get interest about less reputed artists born after 1960. In this manner, French art market could benefit from a living breath and take a step ahead on global market of contemporary art.

Jimmy Arens-Reuther

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New York art market 2017 Forecast

New York Art Market Forecast

Presented by:

Manhattan Art Auctions

While China has become the world’s No. 1 market facing the United-States in fine art sales on 2016, New York retains its leading position on the art market ahead of Beijing, Hong-Kong or London. Despite a global decline in art sales last year, New York auction houses gather strength and display new high sales on the first half of 2017. Within an increasingly qualitative and exacting market, how we characterize new buyer behaviors and who benefits from this new impetus?

2016, a challenging year

According to the website, owned by the largest database for auctioneering and worth of art, New York ends the year 2016 at the top of fine art sales with $3.2Bn, and followed by Beijing at $2.3Bn. London ($2.1Bn) and Hong-Kong ($1.15Bn) close the list at over one billion dollars of auctioned art. Although these results might seem impressive to outsiders, we must note that the art market has fallen sharply since 2015. Over the past year, top 20 auction houses worldwide recorded negative sales average of -14%. Among the major art marketplaces affected by the drop sales, New York has seen its own market fall. Spring auctions are a trustworthy way to test trends and market health for the year ahead. For 5 days, greatest auction houses organize sales with extremely prestigious line-up. In May 2016, auctions reached $1.1Bn against $2.7Bn for the same sales set in 2015. This gap represents almost 60% negative growth. Major auction houses in New York fine art sector were the most affected by the global decrease. Over the whole 2016 year, Christie’s New York lost -43.2% of activities; Sotheby’s New York -41.1%; Phillips New York -14.7% and Bonhams -24.4%.

An exacting market

In order to gain a new breath and revitalize the art market for the year 2017, auction houses had increased their line-up quality. For the spring sales 2017 opening, Christie’s presents Modern Art & Impressionist Art Evening Sale line-up estimated at $200M, against $138M on May 2016. Two days after, Postwar and Contemporary Evening Sale line-up was valued at $370M, in excess of $90M on the 2016 presale estimate. Both sales were successful with a total of $289M and $448M respectively. Bidders clashed each other for the sculpture of Constantin Brancusi “The Sleeping Muse” (1913), estimated between $25-35M and sold for $57.4M. At Phillips, the increase line-up went from $50-61M on 2016 to $107M for 20th Century and Contemporary Art Sale. Once again, estimates got defeated by results with $110.3M. Sale aim has been reached by breaking current Peter Doing’s canvas auction record. Phillips hammer fell at $28.3M, above last Christie’s result of $25M. With regard to Sotheby’s Contemporary Evening Sale, presale estimate is almost equal to the one on May 2016. However, line-up masterpiece Jean-Michel Basquiat’s canvas Untitled (1982) was valued in excess of $60M. This amount goes beyond the last Basquiat sale record of $57.7M sold by Christie’s in 2016. With Untitled (1982), Sotheby’s placed the artist’s rating once and for all in the history with an auction sale at $110.5M.

Christie’s New York – The Sleeping Muse by Constantin Brancusi auctioned for over $50M.

Despite the fact that results are much better in 2017, unsold rate remains high for some auctions. For the two first evening sale, Christie’s unsold 22% of line-up and 29% for Sotheby’s. Some great signatures as Picasso, Degas, Van Gogh didn’t found new owners. Art market is still inclined to hesitations. Bidders get interest mostly for artist’s masterpieces and neglect minors works of art. This is the sign of an increasingly demanding market.

Best results for Postwar and Contemporary Art

Postwar and Contemporary Art sectors are by far the most profitable sales. Painters of this period achieve an equal prestige to impressionism and modern artists. For its Postwar and Contemporary Evening Sale, Christie’s sold two canvas above $50M, Cy Twombly Leda and the Swan (1962) for $52.8M and a(1963) at $51.7M. The new record artist for contemporary art, Jean-Michel Basquiat, realized a double achievement by breaking its own rating two years in a row. First record of $57.7M in 2016 appeared contrasted with the bad global market results. This year, with a favorable market, Sotheby’s did an auction sale above $100M for a Basquiat’s canvas. It is the fist time for a such recent artist to get in the very restricted artists club at over $100M. We can note that The Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Modern in London have not yet hosted Basquiat’s retrospective. Contemporary Art sector increased of +1340% since 2000 all over the world. Once again, New York leads the market by breaking all records.

Triptych of Bacon – Three studies for a Portrait of George Dyer.

New York contemporary art market isn’t afraid by selling art recently produced. French expression of Accursed Artist (Artiste Maudit) seems to have come to an end. Nowadays, artists still alive get auctioned off and raise bidders interest. Rosendale (1991) from Peter Doig, born in 1959, got sold at Phillips for $28.3M. Another young artist born in 1968, Mark Grotjahn, has seen one of its recent work of art Untitled (2011) sold for $16M. Among all young artists sold during spring sales week 2017, Njideka Akunyili CROSBY recorded the best results. While she got auctioned off for the first time in 2016, its three canvas has amassed $4.8M this year.

New selling mediums

At last, some new modern mediums could increase sells. For example, use social network to get broader line-up communication. Instagram seems appear as the most relevant. More and more sales are being made thanks to this application. The website AuctionAfterSale enables to give a second chance to unsold lots. For auction houses partners, withdrawn lots are automatically proposed on the website without any fee increase. If any new customer does a proposition for a lot, AuctionAfterSale sends it to auction house. If price matches, sell is done.

In a certain way, New York art market can appear as the health barometer for world art market. If he’s such sensitive to global art fluctuations, it’s because he leads the market. After a challenging year in 2016, the market breathes freely again. With a growing interest for young artists and new selling mediums, New York art market is able to go above its best sale records.

Jimmy Arens-Reuther

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Contemporary art market, still traditional?

Contemporary Art Market Theory

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Manhattan Art Auctions:

Contemporary art market intensified over 1370% for the past 16 years. This powerful market benefits of new technologic selling mediums as online sell, accessible information about art, speculation and the increase of worldwide museums and art collectors. In recent years, the market has seen some contemporary artists beat auction records as Christopher Wool, Jeff Koons, Peter Doig and Jean-Michel Basquiat. However, the rising influence of contemporary art divided the market between great signatures and unknown artists under a 5.000$ rating. In an increasingly reputable and standardized market, where is the leeway of innovation and freedom intrinsic to contemporary art?

A market that is getting back up

In contrast to banking system, contemporary art market presents a great health since the beginning of 21st century. While worldwide banks are suffering since 2007 of subprime mortgage crisis, contemporary art market increased more than ever in parallel of that bank emergency. After a falloff in sales in 2009 due to the crisis beginning, the market was valued at $580M, against $1.55Bn over the previous year. Thanks to an inevitable year of consolidation, the market has interested many people disappointed by the traditional financial system. Face to interest bank rates less and less advantageous for consumers, contemporary art market is 5.6% annual yield (above global art market at 2.3%). More precisely, annual yield is 5.5% for a work of art at least $20.000 and 10% to 15% with one from $100.000. As a result of these very interesting rates, this market got reached its best score with a continued increase. In 2014, $2.1bn of contemporary art has changed hands.

Sotheby’s New York – Contemporary Evening Sale on 18 May.

After 4 years of increasing market, the first half of 2015 indicates a change of sales flow with low results of -24%. This trend continued in the second half of 2015, down -39% from the previous year. Contemporary art market can appear as very sensitive to economic fluctuations, but its growth restart quickly with a great vitality. Indeed, the first half of 2016 presents a -14% decrease (10% better than previous year). Sole one consolidation year was necessary to rise again the market. During 2017 NYC Spring Auctions, contemporary art has become again as a safe bet as Impressionism and Modern Arts. At Christie’s NYC, two contemporary artists were sold above $50M, Cy Twombly with Leda and the Swan (1962), and a triptych of Bacon Three studies for a Portrait of George Dyer (1963). On the same week of May, Sotheby’s sold a Jean-Michel Basquiat’s canvas Untitled (1982) for $110.5M, which is an absolutely new record for the New York artist and a key moment of the sale week. According to Thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice “Basquiat is the first contemporary artist to exceed $100M. It breaks the taboo of contemporary art. Now, old and modern art are exhausted and art market considers contemporary art as the major sector.”. Indeed, Impressionism and Modern Art Evening sales raised $289M and $174M at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, against $450M and $319M for Post-war and Contemporary Evening sales. After two years of market correction, contemporary art reboots with best results and takes the first place in global art market. This is the brand of its new institutional dimension.

A growing demand for a strong market

Excellent results of art market on 21st century, and especially contemporary art, are due to a new global demand out of proportion with last decades. Firstly, the number of art collector has moved from 500000 after the World War II to 70M in 2015. More recently, internet coming has brought to buyers a new auction medium with 95% of them connected to internet. Nowadays, auction houses are skillfully sharing their activities between online and physical sales. Alongside art collectors, museums industry participates to art market growth. Each year, more than 700 new museums emerged worldwide. Our young 21st century has seen more inaugurated museums than throughout two last centuries. This new industry is extremely greedy in works of art and contemporary art production needs to follow the global demand. Sometimes, a close relationship links contemporary art collectors and museums. For example, Japanese billionaire and art collector Yusaku Maezawa that made speak about him through two last Jean-Michel Basquiat’s canvas auction records. He declared that these impressive purchases have been made in order to exhibit its own art collection into his new contemporary Art Museum at Tokyo. Currently, French billionaire and art collector François Pinault, who is also the Christie’s owner, is directing the build of the new museum Fondation Pinault into the former Bourse du commerce at Paris. Museum inauguration is expected by the end of the 2018 year and will host the personal François Pinault’s contemporary art collection. At last, the very attractive interest rates, as mention before, have increased speculation and participate in the growth of the value of contemporary art.

Fondation Pinault at Paris – Indoor work at the former Bourse du Commerce.

Over the year 2016, 55000 works of contemporary art got sold though world market, which represents a 4.7% sales increase since 2000.  Even more impressive, the global income increased of 1370% over the past 17 years. In 1998, Jean-Michel Basquiat was the first contemporary artist sold above $1M, with an auction at $3.3M. Today, he is the first one to get into the very restricted club for artists above $100M. While most famous signatures are increasingly reaching high records sale, 69% of contemporary art transaction are made under $5000. So, it is a mature market that benefit from a large global demand and also remains affordable by introducing new artists with a small art rating.

A heterogeneous market

Although market appears to be diverse and strong, the growing gap between some artists soon lead to separation. One factor in this could be the behavior of art market institutions that increasingly choose contemporary artists according to selective criteria. Indeed, in 1997, Artprice counted 212 creative techniques against 862 in 2017. About artistic movements, they going from 177 in 1997 to 325 in 2017. In the midst of this immense artistic production, the criterion of contemporaneity became more defined. For example, this market took 20 years long to consider acrylic painting as fine art. Henceforth, contemporary art is beginning to have a too prestigious past to allow any new artist to enter its movement.

Considering with this, Artprice published an important release on 30 June 2017 called « Artprice appropriated the OTC art market that generates a transaction volume 7 or 9 times higher than traditional art market. ». Thierry Ehrmann starts with a semantic revolution. Indeed, he puts finishing touches to contemporary art by naming for the first time “traditional art”. This name results from an important observation. According to him, “Every year, there are millions of artistic transactions around the world, while we should have tens of millions of transactions.”. The increase of artistic movements and creation technics have created a new market called OTC (Out the Counter). With new technological creations, artists can produce faster and easier a quality art under 5000$. For example, a 3D print art producer can send 3D model of its art to galleries worldwide. Then, these ones are using their own 3D print to obtain the work of art. Because of low prices under 5000$ and creations out of contemporaneity criterion, the 1.2M of OTC artist are not borne by traditional art market and stay away from secondary market. However, realized sales between OTC artists and new art collectors are 7 or 9 times higher than traditional art market. Thereby, Artprice is currently organizing a new space on dedicated to this very large OTC market.

Contemporary art meteoric rise has two consequences. In one hand, contemporary artists are considered as the equal of old great signatures by reaching high sales in auctions. The whole movement benefits of a worldwide interest. On the other hand, art institutions and museums are expecting that new artistic productions respect contemporary art standards. For that reason, more and more new artists are out of this new borders. Contemporary art market came to a pivotal moment of its history, where its new great reputation outlines movement artistic limits.

Jimmy Arens-Reuther

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The Italian Artist Ylenia Mino Donates Paintings to Build 1000 Homes after Hurricane Sandy

The Italian Artist Ylenia Mino Donates Paintings to “Build 1,000 Homes” after Hurricane Sandy:

Art and Fundraising in Staten Island to “Build 1,000 Homes”

Ylenia Mino is a talented Italian painter living in Manhattan. She creates vibrant oil paintings on canvas using bright and joyful colors. Her desirable art is well known around the world and her paintings have reached the homes of multiple illustrious Italian officials and prestigious private Italian and American collectors.

This experienced artist Ylenia Mino  supported the fundraiser, “Build 1,000 Homes” on Saturday, May 31st, 2014, from 5 PM to 10 PM at New Dorp High School in Staten Island, NY located at 465 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY 10306.

“Build 1,000 Homes” is a project born to help build the houses of the families who lost their homes during hurricane Sandy. There are 30,000 residents of NY and NJ who are still displaced by Hurricane Sandy as of today and the Build 1000 Homes team has decided to step in where other funds weren’t enough.

On October 29-30th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast with 15 foot waves and 100 mph winds. Hundreds died locally and tens of thousands were left homeless. Many of those also lost their jobs as their place of business was similarly wiped out.

Sandy NYC Art of Ylenia Mino Manhattan Art Auction Build 1000 Homes

Destruction after Sandy

A few days after the storm, when the “Build 1,000 Homes” team arrived, it felt like being in a war zone in a third-world country. The neighborhoods didn’t look anything close to a livable N.Y. City neighborhood. The Build 1,000 Homes organization has contributed over 2 million dollars in demolition, rebuilding, tools, clothing, aide, and fundraising.

Unfortunately, even though these contributions have helped, many families continue to be “homeless” as their homes are not safe to return to.  Most have already burned through their insurance money and savings for mere survival.

The Saturday fundraiser program was rich in entertainment, featuring the Italian painter Ylenia Mino, a stage hypnotist, several music bands, and two young talented singers, as well as celebrities and International speakers who helped raise funds.

The fundraiser has been a milestone for the success of this project and the paintings of Ylenia Mino has been a fundamental support along with the donations of other sponsors.

We thank her and the other parties involved for helping build back the community with the sale and appreciate of fine art.

To meet Ylenia and/or other community minded artists to discuss how art fundraising for your next project, contact us here at Manhattan Art Auctions.

Manhattan Art Auctions bring artists and community together

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The Affordable Art Fair 2013 NYC

Spring Is Blooming at The Affordable Art Fair NYC!

Manhattan Art Auctions welcomes you to another great New York City Art Event!

Spring has come, and with it the opportunity to get immersed into a colorful explosion, energy blooming experience at the spring edition of the Affordable Art Fair (AAF).

The Affordable Art Fair will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street, New York for 4 days, April 3-7.

It will be a great opportunity for collectors, visitors, dealers and families to enjoy art and to make affordable purchases of fine artwork.

The AAF is an international icon in the worldwide art marketplace.  It takes place in many art capitals, such as London, New York, Milan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Mexico, Los Angeles and Sydney.  The staff of the show is well organized and meticulous with every single detail to make your experience memorable.  Artwork from professional art galleries and artists will offer the public a welcome palette of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs, ranging from $100-$10,000.
This year, there is also an interactive opportunity for children to express their creativity with the presence of the Dreamyard Project at the show. A teaching artist will be available to work with children for a one hour workshop on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. In the workshop, children will interact with the gallery and create exciting original works of art in response to what they see.

Save the date for The Affordable Art Fair 2013 in New York City!

For admission and ticket information, visit

Opening times:

Private Preview Art Party

Wednesday, April 3, 7pm – 10pm
Press Preview  6:30pm

Public Fair Hours

Thursday, April 4, 11am – 8pm
Friday, April 5, 11am – 8pm
Saturday, April 6, 11am – 8pm
Sunday, April 7, 11am – 5pm

Free Admission Hours

Friday, April 5 only 6pm – 8pm

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Armory Arts Show NYC

Armory Arts Week, Art Throughout New York City.

Manhattan Art Auctions

The Armory Show is the principal annual art event in the New York City scene. Hosted in Pier 92 and 94 along the Hudson River, it makes New York the destination of thousands of people from all over the world. This huge international art market showcases some of the world’s most important modern and contemporary art galleries. In addition, this year the Armory Show  launches its first  series of public programming in a different neighborhood each night, in celebration of the city’s unparalleled artistic communities. Events include special receptions, open studios, art tours, museum discounts, performances, panels, artist discussions and parties.

The rich cultural calendar also includes a number of smaller art fairs  throughout the city and  marquee exhibitions in the major museums to coincide with the fair.

Manhattan Art Auctions will be present at the show together with a very talented artist, Ylenia Mino. Her lively and colorful artworks  have been praised by fans from multifarious cultural backgrounds and  are a powerful alchemy to reach and delight people’s hearts.

Enjoy the Armory Arts Week!

2013 Armory Arts Week:

The Armory Show

The Armory Show-Modern

Venue: Piers 92 & 94, 12thAvenue at 55thStreet


Dates: March 7 – 10

Daily Hours: Thursday – Sunday, Noon – 7PM


Volta NY

Venue: 82 Mercer Street, SoHo


Dates: March 7 – 10

Daily Hours: Thursday, 11AM–2PM (VIP Preview); Thursday, 2PM–8PM; Friday – Saturday, 11AM–8PM; Sunday, 11AM–6PM


Russian Pavilion NY

25 Central Park West at

62nd Street, NYC

Friday VIP Opening 6pm-12

Saturday, Sunday, Monday 3pm-9pm


ADAA Art Show

Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue, New York, NY

March 6 – 10, 2013

Wednesday – Saturday Noon – 8PM

Sunday Noon – 6PM


Fountain Art Fair

The 69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

March 8 – 10, 2013

Thursday Noon – 5PM: VIP/Press Preview

Friday Noon – 7PM

Saturday Noon – 7PM

Sunday Noon – 5PM


Independent New York Art

548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY
March 7–10, 2013

Thursday 4PM – 9PM

Friday and Saturday 11AM – 8PM

Sunday 11AM – 4PM


Moving Image

Waterfront New York Tunnel, 269 Eleventh Avenue, New York, NY

March 7 – 10, 2013 (Opening Reception: 6PM – 8PM)

Thursday – Saturday 11AM– 8PM

Sunday 11AM – 4PM


New City Art Fair: Japanese Contemporary Art

529 West 20th Street, 2W, New York, NY

March 7 – March 10, 2013

Thursday Noon – 9PM (Opening Reception: 6PM – 9PM)

Friday Noon – 6PM

Saturday 11AM – 6PM

Sunday 11AM – 5PM


Pool Art Fair New York

Flatiron Hotel, 9 W 26th Street, New York, NY
March 8–10, 2013
Friday – Sunday 3PM-10PM


SCOPE New York

Skylight at Moynihan Station, 312 West 33rd Street, New York, NY

March 6–10, 2013

Thursday – Saturday 11AM – 7PM

Sunday 11AM – 6PM



Venue: Old School, 233 Mott Street (at Prince Street) NYC


Dates: March 7 – 10

Tuesday, March 5th, 2PM (Press Preview), 4PM – 6PM (Collectors Preview), 6PM-10PM (VIP Opening)

Daily Hours: Thursday – Sunday, Noon – 9PM (Closing Reception with Paddle8 Sunday, 6PM – 9PM)

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Gianfranco Meggiato

The Amazing

Gianfranco Meggiato

On Virtual Display

Filmed by:

Manhattan Art Auctions

Italian Bronze and Gold Master Sculptor from Venice

Gianfranco Meggiato’s works seen here at the 2012 NY Art Expo

Never before seen, original, introspective, instructive sculptures created by Italian metal master Gianfranco Meggiato.  From the heart of Venice, his artwork is breathtaking because of the deep level of communication and recognition experienced by the viewer.  Each piece is interactive, not only because of the movement and initial kinetic energy required.  The true interaction is once the viewer experiences the piece by touching it, moving it, and finally seeing themselves in the moving artwork itself.  Each reflection and experience is personal and unique.  The lessons of self exploration are keenly inherent with the artistic design defined my the master.  Engage the art first hand at Manhattan Art Auctions.

For more information:

Artist Statement, Artist Bio, Artist Publications and more, please visit Gianfranco Meggiato’s page here at Manhattan Art Auctions.  For a list of original works of art for auction houses, collectors, gallery owners and art lovers, please contact us directly here.  An approved representative will respond quickly with a private list of artwork and prices.  Each piece is priced equally world wide and every work of art is an original.  The pieces are each an original creation by the artist.  Gianfranco Meggiato’s works will be on display at auction houses and galleries in New York City during the summer and fall of 2012.

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New York City Art Week

Art Week in New York City!

Piers 92 and 94

The Armory Show and NY Art Expo 2012

Presented by:

Manhattan Art Auctions

Bring your camera and dial in your watch!

This Weekend you can set your clocks forward as we spring ahead into a face full of painted canvas.  New York City’s Art Week is recognized by some to be the best art event in the world.  Of course Art Basil in Florida has been steadily gaining momentum and reputation in recent years.  However, Overall, New York City is still the international undisputed art capital of the free world.  I know, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Prague, London and Amsterdam, fans might actually dispute. Fact: New York has more auction houses than any other city, and acts as a crossroad for the world, New York can and will sell more art than any other city in the world.  Possibly over a billion dollars will exchange hands in over a two week period, just for wholesale, original and unbelievably rare artwork.  Purchase your art for fair established market value or lower by attending a live art auction in New York City or in the least, visit events like the Armory Show and NY Art Expo 2012.

Manhattan produces the Armory Show every year at the end of winter and hundreds of galleries (Mainly in West and Lower West Manhattan) piggy back off of the press and schedule seminars, exhibitions, guest speakers, performers, live art, and wine tastings almost non stop for two weeks.  Admission does cost the Public anywhere from nothing to a suggested $100 donation for VIP.  Some events do have a hard ticket price but the majority are less than $50.00 depending who you know and what really want you do.

New Visitors interested in free tickets to any events during art week can register and apply for your free pass.

We support artists, gallery owners, collectors and art lovers. in You must register with Manhattan Art Auctions to receive your entry badge.

Attend New York’s Art Week and enjoy the free world’s largest art extravaganza.

If you would rather pay full value through The Armory Show’s Website

Purchase tickets by clicking here.

Ticket Prices:
General Admission US $30
Students US $15
Seniors US$15
Groups (10+) US $15
Run of Show Pass (4 day) US $60
The Armory Show / Volta NY Pass US $40
(Children under 12 are admitted free to The Armory Show)

Ruffo Caselli

Cybernetic Existentialism 

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Joshua Oliveira Art Battles Winner

Manhattan Art Auctions


Joshua Oliveira

Art Battles Winner 2012

Josh Oliveira, American psychedelic performance art therapist, cut from the salt of the east coast underground, solidified his position as a streetwise, righteous artist when he was crowned the Art Battles’ Champion during one of 2012 first Art Battles at their first International Public Exhibit in The West Village of New York City.  Josh has served as a religious gorilla artist, performing in public with well known music groups where his work has been purchased by international luxury owners, art critics and lovers of the line between points.  Joshua’s diversity encompasses two distinctly different styles.   Seen below, an urban example of passionate energy and engaging color balance including complex layering and thought provoking forms.  Josh Oliveira is a multitalented artist, obviously comfortable producing a unique collection thought provoking, original compositions.

More Freakishly Awesome Trip Art By Joshua Oliveira Click Here

Visit our Manhattan Art Auction’s Page Including Exclusive, Original and Unique Artwork

Collect your Original works of art today from:

Joshua Oliveira


Manhattan Art Auctions

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