NYC Art Auctions

New York City Art Auctions

Nonprofit Fundraising Art Auctions

Presented by:

The Manhattan Auction House

Nonprofit fundraisers, New York Art Expositions, Museum and Gallery Collaboration with International Sponsorships

We support the arts and eco friendly education.  American schools need to update and digitize knowledge for the next generation.

This spring season we are involved with fundraising support for New Orleans, Haiti, local NYC Housing Works and possibly the New York City Department of Education art festival.

PTO, Parent and Teacher Organizations, please consider an auction to generate the extra funds needed for this scholastic year and those to follow with your own Manhattan Art Auction.

Central Park, Brooklyn, Tribeca, Houston Street, Lower West Side and NYC Diamond District and the New York City hot spot art circuit, Manhattan Art Auctions plans to offer our services and solidify upcoming exclusive events so stay tuned.

If you know an exceptional gallery owner or location in New York City suited for an art auction event please contact our management.

Professional collectors, dealers, artists, art lovers and promoters are welcome.

We appreciate your interest in New York City Art Auctions and will keep you posted for future events.

We offer the lowest commission rates in New York for both buyers and sellers.

If you bring us a lower certified offer from another auction house we will beat their upfront price.

Our goal is to assist worthy nonprofit organizations with their fundraising needs by using the auction to generate sustainable cash flow and offer unique quality goods for fair market value.

The Win Win attitude of the Manhattan Art Auction business model allows for both buyers and sellers to meet on an equal business platform.

Enjoy the NYC Art Auction Calender.  Events will be posted as details become finalized.

Do your part and buy green art!

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