New York City Art Festival

NYC Art Expo and Auction for Education

1,000 pieces of featured artwork for auction in New York City.

Sponsored by:  Manhattan Art Auctions and New York City Artists

International artists will present and sell art at auction in New York City through The Manhattan Auction House.  Each artist is required to donate at least two paintings to support education programs here in New York City.  These pieces will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder and 100% of the proceeds will help fund nonprofit student and teachers organizations in New York.

A suggested donation of 10$ per person is suggested for entrance.  Bidders must register.  Registration fee is 10$ per bidder paddle.  We recycle and are eco friendly so don’t throw away your paddle and The Manhattan Auction House will refund 5$ because recycling is good for everyone.

Co-sponsor inquiries should please place “Attention Management” before content when contacting our Manhattan Auctions Administration.

We hope to raise at least $1,000,000 for NYC Schools but should have an estimated $10,000,000 of artwork included in the NYC Art Festival Auction Event for Education.

We have the possibility to raise millions for the next generation of educated New Yorkers.

Artists, galleries and collectors are making a positive difference using art.

Rumors have not yet been confirmed of an associated series of celebrity musical artistic performances so stay tuned.

Please help New York City schools assist themselves and participate.

In our Manhattan Art Auction Festival for Education the community benefits and our customers receive quality, one of a kind, unique, original artwork at fair market value.

Thank you for supporting eco friendly business growth.  Do your part and paint green art!

Don’t forget to reduce, reuse, repeat and recycle our free message!

We appreciate your valued business and beloved referrals.

The Manhattan Auction House

We bring real value to artwork.

Manhattan Art Auctions

Photo taken by Andrew O.

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