Manhattan, NY Piano Auction of Artist Dean Loucks

Custom Artist Dean Loucks

Original Artwork for Auction

Manhattan Art Auctions

We make beautiful music with our clients!

Exquisite pieces on national tour.

Live art auctions located in New York City.

Celebrity musicians, Hollywood super stars, private investors and Manhattan Art Auctions are all interested in playing this beautiful piece by ear.

Serious offers with proof of funds will be marked as they are received.

Lots are sold AS IS.

All bids are legal binding contracts.

Enjoy the amazing artwork in the world.

Green art makes music for mother earth!

Thanks for supporting the art community.

Every sale contributes to improving global standards of living for artists and eco friendly businesses.

Visit our Dean Loucks page and learn more about upcoming NYC designer art sale events and auctions.

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Eco friendly networking is socially conscious.

For more information visit our Dean Loucks Page

Custom artwork for demanding clients.

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