African Art Auctions

African Art Auctions in NYC

New York City African Art Auctions

Presented by:

Manhattan Art Auctions

Woodrow Nash Studios Incorporated

In our LIVE New York City Art Auction

Part of the collection is seen here at Pier 94.  For a link to the artist site click on the picture.

Lifelike, majestic and spiritual human like figures sculpted by Woodrow Nash.  Here in New York City, Manhattan Art Auctions is constantly looking for the best quality artwork to bring to auction.  Our clients have the opportunity to purchase originals not reproductions.

This exclusive art auction and others will be held at 444 West 55th Street in New York City.

For a complete list of pieces and opening bid prices please contact our office.


Contact the Artist

872 South Main Street

Akron, Ohio 44311

Telephone: (330) 253-7052

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