NYC Haiti Museum Fundraiser

Museums and Galleries Raise Haiti Funds

Manhattan Art Auction in New York City

California Philanthropist and Art Traditions Gallery Owner Elliot Blinder Presents:

Rebuilding the Haitian Art Museum Project

Many galleries and museums were damaged or destroyed in Haiti in the aftermath of the deadly Caribbean earthquake.

Various leading members of the museum died.  Many pieces of artwork were destroyed, seriously damaged or stolen.

The international art public is invited to bid and purchase donated genuine original pieces from various artists of French, Haitian, Italian, Jamaican, Spanish, Mexican, American, Indian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and New Age culture.

The New York City museum and gallery community supports rebuilding the artistic future for Haiti.

Haiti has few natural resources not stripped by colonialism and corrupt exploitation.

Haitian art and artists are two of Haiti’s most potentially valuable assets.

Without a museum the Haitian art community is essentially deceased.

We are doing our part to revitalized a fallen part of the global art community and strengthen a faltering nation with eco friendly fundraising.

We are designing a new catalog which will be available online soon.

More Manhattan Art Auction information will be posted as the NYC Haiti Museum Fundraising project develops.

Thank you for supporting global artists.

The Haitian Art Museum

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