Artists in the Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen Art Festival

Heaven on Earth in New York City

Free Live Music, Visual Art Performances, Artists, Catering, Artwork and Auctioneers

Want to know what’s cooking in the kitchen?

Turn up the heat and enjoy the art in your life with:

Manhattan Art Auctions


If you can’t take the heat stay out of Hell’s Kitchen

We support beautiful artistic expression but not vulgarity.

Photographs of this event are intended for open minded adult art lovers.

Live fire dancers, belly dancers, contortionists, body painting and a dance troop ensemble opened for the  2010 Hells Kitchen Art Festival.

Yes the art auction was hot in Hell’s Kitchen.

Proceeds benefited Fractured Atlas

Thank you for enjoying the art in your life!

Please tell a friend or organization about our charity auctions supporting eco friendly non profits of all peaceful beliefs.



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