15 Minutes of Fame

Art Battles Live in Brooklyn

Artist will battle live for Independence at the Brooklyn Museum

Pieces will be auctioned to the public to benefit The Solo Foundation

Inspired by Andy Warhol retrospective

Art Battles Will be at the Brooklyn Museum!!

We’re joing Brooklyn Museums First Saturday’s and presenting ’15
Minutes of Fame’ inspired by their current Andy Warhol retrospective.
Yes, you read that correctly. ArtBattles will be at the Brooklyn

When? Saturday, July 3rd




Brooklyn Museum (www.brooklynmuseum.org

This is a free
event during the Free First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum.

Concep, Lexi Bella, Marthalicia, and Zito

will battle it out for their
15 Minutes of Fame their own Solo Live Art performance on stage in
front of the thousands of Museum goers. This battle will feature a
special performance by Boogie Brothers who will set the groove for
this awesome art jam.

Manhattan Art Auctions on YouTube

Fast Tube by Casper

Footage produced by B. Boyd of Enclave Media Productions.

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