NYC Employment

Employment with:

Manhattan Art Auctions

Good help is in the world.  Individuals with character and integrity may apply.

We are taking applications for a variety of positions, some of which include:

Web Design and maintenance

Book keeper and administrative assistant

Ring man/woman (experienced salesman/saleswoman)


Automotive drivers


Proficient Multilingual Translators

Certified Real Estate Agents/Brokers

Art Curators


Security Personnel




Gourmet Caterers

Event Planners

Executive Assistants

and more.

If you have been part of an auction team in the past or are interested in The Manhattan Auction House employment future contact our management and please place “Attention: Human Resources” in the header before content.

Include a brief description of the talents and strengths you bring to Manhattan Art Auctions or a NYC auction house.

Please list details where you have increased value and avoided loss in past employment.

What position and title are you seeking?

Thank you for your interest in employment at:

Manhattan Art Auctions

An Eco Friendly NYC Art Auction House

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