Black Tie Galas

Formal Auction Events

Manhattan Art Auctions


Ballrooms, Hotels, Penthouses, fine dining restaurants, Galleries, Museums, and Private Locations

Manhattan Art Auctions’ experienced and licensed Auctioneers have conducted events in a variety of international settings.

Our auctioneers and planning staff enjoy serving clients in beautiful formal locations within Manhattan, although the entire auction crew auctions around the world all year long.

For professional black tie galas we recommend at least one or two auctioneers, two or three ring personel, security, check in crews, check out staff, transaction clerks, models, greeters, special celebrity guest speakers, event planner(s), event coordinator(s), promotions team, social media panel, press release and publication team, followup, and inventory solicitors.

Professional Black tie fundraising galas can book the auction industry’s finest trained personnel.

Such high quality professionals are in high demand and require a deposit once the date becomes fixed to cover basic operating costs.

Please visit Foundation Auctions for more fundraising information, or contact a live charity auction representative 1.877.777.7646.

Manhattan Art Auctions customizes every auction to compliment the goals of our individual clients.

We look forward to offering excellent quality auction services in your next black tie gala.

Thank you for choosing Manhattan Art Auctions.

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