E Zelony-Mindell

Efrem Zelony-Mindell

The work of E.Z. Mindell was presented to Manhattan Art Auctions first at the T.O.A.S.T. gallery sessions during 2010.

Mr. E.Z. Mindell’s work was chosen as one of the favorites by the crowd and by our staff.

His positive attitude and dedication to art are clearly shown with his continued open artistic support of of New York City activist non profits, ranging from combatting child labor in the fashion world to helping the homeless.  We thank him for his past, present and ongoing grand contributions to society.

Thoughts from the artist:

Through art we are able to ask questions and perceive differently, we witness rise of nothing into becoming. For me this journey of perception begins with getting lost into myself. Lost in every sense of the word, lost physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is when I approach the canvas, when I know that something else is happening between it’s surface and me. This allows for free play between imagination and understanding within a form. These paintings lay behind their texture and color, they are at times just out of reach yet somehow familiar. The past is forgotten, or buried, or exalted allowing the work to enter a realm of abstraction, it is their novelty that creates their sense of time. We need to take more time to trust ourselves, and learn how to stop just looking at the things that we know, so that we may see them for what they could become. And in this way we will reveal to ourselves meaning and know that truth cannot be finalized.

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