Joshua Oliveira

Joshua Oliveira

International, Psychedelic Performance Artist:

Artistic Statement:

I paint intuitively and without premeditation, rendering the final
result of any piece a mystery even to me until it is complete. This
unique style is built upon imagination and spirituality, two forces
that drive my creative process.

I am more concerned with exploring new techniques and fresh imagery
than being branded by one style. Psychological and visual
juxtapositions that come from this unencumbered creative process
produce a polarity that I find stimulating

Joshua Oliveira, the true born son of two Portuguese immigrants who left their
homeland for the shores of the American Dream in their teen years. The
New Bedford public school system was the only formal art training
Joshua received along with observing Bob Ross improvise landscapes on
tv. Graffiti inspired early art as it was the Museum one never left
from, lacing the culture of America’s inner cities. Not growing up
with much, he was forced to use his imagination to manufacture endless
childhood entertainment.

Intrigued by the unexplainable peace exuding from the local Franciscan
Monks, Joshua  left everything behind and entered the monastery at the
age of 18. Although having nothing and enjoying the happiest three
years of his life, an unexplained illness forced him to leave and
search for a new path.

Having been told by the Univeristy he wouldn’t make money selling art,
Joshua studied Graphic design instead, which later has shown to be the
compositional hallmark of his works to come. After a year of painting
on canvas, Joshua came out of the artistic closet in 2006 with his
invitation to create art live with his cousin’s band, Cadbury Diesel.
After selling most of his work that weekend, Joshua embarked on
turning a seemingly impossible childhood dream into a full time

Since he has performed on the Holland America Cruise Line from NY to
Bermuda, and collaborated with multi-Grammy Award winning musicians,
with over 120 shows through the Boston and Providence nightlife scene.
Awakening the world to not only enjoy art in it’s finished state but
equally in it’s becoming.

Joshua Oliveira represents the contemporary melding of radical urban American exposure with international veins of talent.  Josh is a genuinely talented artist with abilities and vision beyond the reach of many.  Please enjoy these fine original works of art and contact the artist or Manhattan Art Auctions directly with questions about availability and pricing.

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