Teimur Amiry

Fine Art Master

Teimur Amiry

Italian Style Realist Oil Painter

Originals on display in New York and in the online Teimur Amiry Beverly Hills Gallery

Masterful international fine works of art for sale through:

Manhattan Art Auctions

Teimur Amiry’s works reside in palaces, exclusive private collections and public galleries.

Master Amiry paints with realism and sensuality and is world recognized as a master painter of fine art.

Celebrities collect his work such as Sophia Lauren, George Hamilton, Ringo Star, Kirk Douglas, Angie Dickinson, Tony Bennett, Elke Sommer, Hugh Hefner, estates of Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin.

Master Amiry’s collections will be available in Beverly Hills or the Upper East Side of New York City for private viewing by making an appointment with our Manhattan Art Auctions office.

Registered bidders will have access to the list of pieces for sale and reserves.

Pre-auction bids may be accepted by a licensed auctioneer but will not be converted until the live auction.

All bids are legally binding and all bidders recognize each piece of artwork is sold as is with all sales being final.

Minimal starting bids for Original Masterpieces begin at $25,000 and range beyond $250,000 USD.

Thank you for your interest in these affordable masterpieces of art.

Each Teimur Amiry masterpiece offers an individual engaging experience.

Enjoy these genuine artistic achievements of Teimur Amiry at Manhattan Art Auctions.

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